7 Body Mechanic Tips For a Long Massage Career

The capacity to efficiently use one’s body during massage practice is essential to the long-term success of one’s massage therapy career. Injuries that could have been averted with better body mechanics cause the premature retirement of far too many massage therapists. A practitioner who uses correct body mechanics can apply more pressure with greater efficacy.

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Massage Career Success For The Independent Practitioner

Everybody wants to be successful, but it can be hard to see a path to getting there. A possible explanation for its ephemeral nature is that success is not universally defined. It’s measurable in a wide range of ways and possesses many qualities. Simply put, success can be defined as realizing one’s goals. Individuals are

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Launch A Hotel Based Massage Business

Making additional money through hotel massage is possible; however, getting started can be difficult, pricey, and irritating if you don’t know what you’re doing. In order to succeed in the hotel massage industry, you must take the following three steps: 1) establish rapport with the general manager, sales director, and an enthusiastic front desk employee;

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